This page provides a range of information and capacity building resources developed through the Australian Government’s Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) program. While the program closed in June 2014, these resources will remain useful to companies that participated in the program as well as others looking to improve their energy management practices.

Cross-sectoral guidance

Sectoral guidance

General manufacturing

Metal manufacturing

Chemicals and plastics manufacturing

Cement, bricks and non-metallic minerals manufacturing

  • Case study update: Midland Brick 2009 (Opens in a new window)
    • PDF 265 KB

    Midland Brick used 1.62 PJ of energy annually, representing some 40% of total production costs. An energy efficiency assessment identified over 50 projects that would both save energy and have other non-energy benefits including productivity, quality and safety improvements. 

  • Case study: Midland Brick 2007 (Opens in a new window)
    • PDF 265 KB

    For Midland Brick in Perth, energy represented some 40% of total production costs. The company had a clear incentive to reduce energy consumption wherever possible. Midland Brick learned that a fresh approach using EEO guidelines could deliver further energy savings even in areas that had previously been identified and considered. 

    An update (PDF 520 KB) to this case study was published in 2009.


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